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This is a test of my home brewed article comment system. It stores comments in a mySQL database. This is done by POSTing the contents of the form below to a php file, jw_post_comments.php. The phpfile detects the name of the page sending the request, and creates a database entry for that page (article). The email address is not required, but is included for possible blacklisting to avoid abuse. The IP address is also recorded for the same reason. If needed, I will include a reCaptcha widget as demostrated on my ContactInfo page.

The display of the comments is implemented by including another php file with the line (modified to prevent html escaping):
< !--#include virtual="scripts/jw_comment_post.php"-- >
This script extracts and displays entries from the database which apply to the currently displayed article.

The PHP files both include the PEAR (PHP Extension and Application Repository) package MDB2 for the database functionality.
Update! 20120111: A spammer has been using a bot with this to post links to viagra selling sites, so I added a reCAPTCHA challenge.

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Spambots caused me to add this 1/11/2012