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Samsung phone repair. New screen, touchpad, case for $11

New phone cheaper than the parts it supplies.

My Samsung Intercept M910 has a slide-out keyboard, and over the years, a couple of screen repairs and many drop incidents finally caused the flex cable attaching the screen to the main board to give out.  A dis-assembly procedure on iFixit got me through the screen repairs, but there was no detail of a hidden part of the LCD flex cable, which wraps around itself and  a mounting board is mysteriously attached to the slider assembly.  I found replacement cables on eBay, and the pictures there gave me an idea what it looks like and how to detach it.

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PC Stress Testing

Got a PC that overheats and shuts down?  Did you go out and spend $8.00 on a can of air from Radio Shack or Best Buy and blow out what you could see, and did it help?  Sometimes you need to dig deeper.

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